Delhi Females Story about MGS Hospital. MGS is a cheap and corrupt private hospital in New Delhi, India

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My one friend's father is suffering from Lung Cancer at his last stage. Doctors said that he have only 6 month more time. In his this last stage, he is suffering from brain tumor. Currently he is admit in ICU at MGS Hospital, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, India, website http://mgshospital.com. My friend meet with few doctors in AIIMS, OJUS Medicare, Rajiv Gandhi and these doctors suggested that your father needs urgent surgery and then your father will not suffer due to tumor. I know in his last stage, spending such money is waste. But we are the children and our parents had struggled so much to give us proper study and everything whatever we need. So does not it’s our responsibility that in his last time we have to do all things to give him relief from all pains?
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As my friend had meet with other hospitals doctor, these doctors suggested that we can remove tumor via Gamma knife surgery but for this we need several type of reports, such as MIR report, CT Scan report etc that we can fetch out how many tumor is there in your father body. The MGS hospital is not supporting my friends and did not done any such type of check up that the real cause of tumor can be find out. My friend needs suggestion that what should he have to do on this stage. What action he can take against the hospital rude behavior. Sometimes MGS hospital stops his family member to meet with his father. And several times MGS Hospital’s doctors asked to sign on the documents without telling /clarifying him that why they need such sign and what is the purpose of that signature. Whenever they are asking to sign the documents they just call only my friend’s brother (age 20) and stop everyone outside the hospital if any elder person is trying to go with my friend’s brother to see the documents. Especially Dr. Sanjay of MGS hospital is doing such type of activity. I don’t know what Doctor Sanjay wants, I think Dr. Sanjay is looking for money they don’t care patients. I had went few times and met with Dr. Sanjay and I also analyzed that Dr. Sanjay is so cheap person. He is not a real human doctor and other humans behave. It looks like he wants to earn more and more money either his patient will die or whatever, he really don’t care. If you want to meet with your patient in ICU then you cannot go with your relative. Even you cannot go with your sister, brother or mother. What kind of this security or rules is? Who they don’t allow to meet patient’s family with patient? This is not the rule, this is only seduction of MGS hospital to earn more money from patient.
My friend is also little bit innocent and these doctors are taking his innocence benefit by costing him several type of things.
Please leave your suggestion that what my friend should have to do and what he can do that his father will not suffer so much.
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